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Helen Stower is the Curriculum Leader – iCentre at Mount Alvernia College.  She is interested in teaching and learning, the information landscape and of course, reading.  Helen enjoys being a mum, swimming reading and walking.

Digital and Learning Networks are of particular interest to Helen.  The opportunities they offer for professional futures mean that digital portfolios are essential for learning and working in the 21st Century.  Ensuring students acquire the skills necessary to build these portfolios and networks is a key goal of Helen’s work in the iCentre.

Twitter Handle: @helenstower1

Blog: http://icentrepractice.wordpress.com/


Kathryn is a Teacher-Librarian at Mount Alvernia College. Kathryn is currently works as a Teacher-Librarian in the Mount Alvernia College iCentre and is responsible for providing future-proof services that connect the community with information, regardless of their location, and ensuring both staff and students of the college acquire the skills necessary to operate in the digital environment.  Kathryn has a keen interest in Inquiry-based learning and hopes to use her research in this area to create a whole-school pedagogical approach incorporating this.

Twitter Handle: @katschrav

Blog: http://theprivateteacher.wordpress.com/


My focus and goal is connecting learners with the skills, tools and information they need to operate successfully in a 21st century digital environment.

My background is in education and a career as an information services specialist responsible for the delivery of information services to school communities.

My current role is as a Cybrarian and Curator, responsible for the iCentre school website and the management of the iCentre social media accounts.

My new adventure is a consulting business #thecyberconsultants specialising in consultation about the future models for the delivery of information services in schools and the role of social media in this.

Twitter Handle – @margd1

Blog – donaghueblog.wordpress.com


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